Some snapshots from life in and out of the studio (from left to right, starting at the top):

- Beautiful pebble design on the walkway in front of the cathedral in Tarragona

- Porcelain vessels on a shelf in my studio (Off Circle and Plateau)

- I don't know what I would do without sponges.  I use them to clean, to smooth and to define my vessels, as well as wipe away the mess of clay and glaze.  My favorites are actually sea sponges, which I haven't photographed here.  I think they deserve their own special image.

- Making a mold of my new dessert plate.  I have a love-hate relationship with plaster.  The porosity of plaster is such a gift when it comes to working with clay, but I hate its chalky texture and finicky nature. 

- A beautiful side street in Tarragona.  I love the light terracottas and pale yellows.

- Another view of the same porcelain vessels.  They sit on a shelf right behind my work table.

- These are the plants I left behind in the studio while we were in Istanbul for 3 months.  Thanks to resident green-thumb and fellow ceramist Paola, the plants seem happier than ever!  The orchid on the right is sitting in a bowl I made during my residency at Watershed.  It is a wood-fired piece.  I am kind of on the fence about wood-firing.  I love the process and the comradeship during the firing, but I guess the resulting work doesn't really fit my aesthetics.

- Plaster slab that I was carving into the form of my new dessert plate.  This image was taken halfway through the shaping process.

- My favorite tools for carving plaster, a rasp and wet-dry sand paper.