Atelier Brancusi in Paris

On a recent trip to Paris I had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Constantin Brancusi, who is one of my faaaaaaavorite sculptors.  When he died in 1957 he bequeathed his studio along with its entire contents to the French State on the condition that it would be preserved exactly as it was.  The new building in which it is now located was built according to the size and configuration of his original studio and is right next to The Centre Pompidou.  We had to wait until 2pm when they opened the doors to visitors, but it was worth it.  The environment in which I create has a big impact on what I make, so I am always curios to see the spaces that other artists work in.  Brancusi's studio was totally magical. The natural hues of stone, plaster, wood and metal created the most calming atmosphere.  The tall ceilings and skylights that allowed the space to be flushed with natural light gave the studio an airy feel.  Towards the end of his life, Brancusi stopped producing work and solely focused on rearranging his sculptures to find the perfect balance between object and space.  I think he was spot on.